… Kelly & Moss – a relaxing afternoon back in Aussieland …

DSC_2353_mh1416753368983 I love cafes. I love the aroma of my cup of cappuccino, the atmosphere, the friendly staffs, the random chatty people around, the lovely pastries and the brunch food. I have been trying to put these pieces of puzzles in my life back in Hong Kong because they together had played a big part in my life in Sydney; the coffee, the sweets, the sun, the sea, the lawn, and most importantly: the people.

The Rocks, Sydney
This journey began when I was in Sydney, I used to worked in a suburb called Ultimo which is 10 minutes away from the Sydney central station. Despite being close from the city, it is actually not so ‘CBD’, instead it’s full of history and style and there are lots of cafes around the area! I started visiting one or two new cafes every week and took pictures of things that I enjoyed. So that was how ‘the Ultimate Ultimo cafe project’ had begun. 
Ultimo Road outside TAFE
Harris Street outside ABC building
Back in Hong Kong, though I live close to Kowloon Bay and visit the area quite frequently, I never noticed this little quiet cafe on the side of the Zero Carbon Building. How I came across Kelly & Moss was when I attended two of my friends’ wedding where the refreshments were catered by this cafe. Delighted by the canapés and patries served, we talked to the staffs and found out about this little cafe. 
wpid-dsc_2354_mh1431679430038.jpg At the tail end of last summer, we visited Kelly & Moss on a Sunday afternoon and reckoned it was a perfect time of the year to visit. The cafe is essentially an outdoor area with a big shelter and some outdoor umbrellas. We were there on a warm and dry sunny day and it totally reminded me of the good old days back in Aussieland! 
As usual, I ordered a cappuccino. It was of the creamy and smooth type and the taste was rather subtle. image
We also ordered an earl grey cake and a red velvet cake. As a small cafe they do not have a large selection of cakes, but the elegant cakes they had in their display fridge were all just irresistible. DSC_2369_mh1416753577710 wpid-dsc_2366_mh1431679495832.jpg
The light and fluffy earl grey sponge cake was wrapped in a slightly chewy icing and the aroma of earl grey tea wasn’t too overwhelming; the texture of the red velvet cake was similar to that of the earl grey cake, the cream cheese filling was like the cake: light and fluffy. 
…   Kelly and Moss is located in Zero Carbon Park which is opposite to the Mega Box shopping mall in Kowloon Bay. If there isn’t a direct bus for you to get there, you can take the free shuttle from Telford Plaza (the mall right next to Kowloon Bay MTR station) to Mega Box. It’s about 10 minutes walk from Kowloon Bay MTR station to the Zero Carbon Park. …   https://www.facebook.com/kellyandmoss

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