… Disney Frozen Cake – building a snowman …


If you ask a little girl what her favourite Disney movie is, the answer is very likely to be FROZEN! I have been amazed by many pretty Frozen cakes that I saw on Pinterest (look at THESE!), so when I was suggested to make a Frozen cake I was really excited! We had got a lovely birthday girl who turned 9 in May this year and she is a big fan of Frozen, so we had decided to prepare this surprise for her 🙂

Most of the cakes I saw on Pinterest were fondant cakes that are very pretty and decorative, but I personally don’t enjoy eating fondant cakes as they tend to be more buttery and sweet. The only fondant cake that I’d ever made was an Iron man cake that I couriered from Sydney to Hong Kong for a very special person 😀 That was a rather simple fondant cake to make but I still thought it was rather hard to handle. This cake that I made was one of the few Frozen cakes that are not made of fondant; essentially it was just a chiffon cake topped with white whipped cream, which is tasty and easy to make. The Frozen character figurines were from Hong Kong Disneyland (try to search it online and you should be able to find some sellers who sell them), and I thought it would be nice for the girl to have the figurines to play with after consuming the cake.
source: https://www.pinterest.com/

Initially I adapted an angel cake recipe on the internet but it turned out very flat; it did rise up quite high when it was in the oven but quickly dropped to half of its height even though I flipped it up-side down immediately. The recipe did not call for baking powder and it had too much oil in it (I didn’t realise this until I compared it with the ingredients list of the pandan chiffon cake). This stressed me out a bit and I decided to modify the pandan chiffon cake recipe a bit to play safe rather than using the same recipe. I substituted coconut milk with fresh milk and added some honey flavouring to the cake. To make the colour looking a bit more interesting, I also dyed around 1/3 of the batter with blue colouring to create some blue swirls in the body of the cake.

Disney Frozen Cake
Makes a 7 inch plus a 4 inch around cake (2 tiers)
honey chiffon cake (the heavy batter):
…   5 egg york (average weight of a large egg is 60g)
…   20g caster sugar
…   100g cake flour
…   1 tsp baking powder
…   100ml fresh milk
…   3 tbsp vegetable oil (or any tasteless & light oil)
…   1 tsp of honey flavouring
…   1/2 tsp fine salt
…   blue food colouring
honey chiffon cake (the light egg white mix):
…   5 egg whites
…   pinch of salt
…   1/2 tsp of cream of tar tar OR 1/2 tsp of fresh lemon juice OR 1/2 tsp of white vinegar
…   2 cups of whipping cream (I used a vegan whipping cream called Pour N Whip Topping/Pastry Topping 愛護牌甜忌廉)*
…   1 tbsp of icing sugar
…   snowflake icing bits 
Instructions (please refer to the Pandan chiffon cake recipe if you need more hints on making chiffon cake)
  1. Preheat the oven to 170*C
  2. Using an electric mixer, beat the egg white mix on high speed until it reaches the ‘firm peak’ stage then set aside *
  3. Use the electric mixer to beat the egg yolks and sugar until the mixture becomes pale yellow in colour and has doubled in size
  4. Add milk and honey flavouring and combine
  5. Sieve 1/3 of the cake flour  at a time and use a plastic spatula to mix until well incorporated, then add in another 1/3 of cake flour and so on.
  6. Add vegetable oil into the batter and mix until combined
  7. Add around 1/3 of the light egg white mixture into the the heavy egg yolk batter first, use the spatula to gently (!) fold the egg white into the batter.
  8. Pour the egg yolk + egg white batter back into the egg white and fold again until the mixture is JUST incorporated (until you don’t see any ‘egg white lumps’)
  9. Scoop out 1/3 of the batter to a smaller mixing bowl and add 3 drops of blue food colouring, then gently fold and mix it with the spatula until the colour is even
  10. Slowly pour half the white batter into the cake pans (large and small), pour the batter down to one point and let it flow and spread out across the cake pan itself, then pour the blue batter and at last the remaining white batter
  11. Bang the cake pans against the bench top hardly for 2-3 times until you see big bubbles floating up the top of the batter and pop
  12. Use a chopstick (or anything similar) to gently run around the cake pans in a circular motion to create swirls and to further release any hidden bubbles in the batter
  13. Put the cake pans into the oven, place them on the lowest rack possible
  14. Bake for 15 minutes or until the cake starts to crack, then lower the temperature to 150*C and turn off the upper heat in the oven. The total baking time should be 40-45 minutes, insert a long toothpick into the middle of cake to check if the cake is ready (you might need to take out the small cake 10-15 minutes before)
  15. Take out the cake pans, turn them upside down and rest them on a cooling rack. Let the cakes cool completely and use a knife to run through the sides of the cake pans and gently release the cakes
  16. Using a electric mixer, whip up the cream and icing sugar until it forms a stiff peak
Ingredients for ice candies
…   2 cups sugar
…   1/4 cup light corn syrup
…   1/2 cup water
…   4-5 drops of blue food colouring
…   1 tsp of honey flavouring
…   a bit of cooking oil
  1. Grease a flat metal tray with cooking oil
  2. Put sugar, corn syrup and water in a sauce pan, boil and whisk with a egg whisk from time to time
  3. Boil until you see bigger bubbles. Drop a tiny bit of the syrup into a bowl of iced water and check the texture of the candy,it should be hard and crispy instead of chewy *
  4. Add the flavour and colouring into the syrup and mix
  5. Turn off the fire and transfer the saucepan to another stove top (which is cooler), wait until the it stops boiling and all the bubbles have disappeared
  6. Pour the syrup onto the tray and let cool completely
  7. Crack the candy with a small hammer to the desired sizes and shapes
  8. Assemble the cake: cut the bigger cake half into 2 thinner pieces, apply the whipped cream on and in between the each layer of cakes, place the ice candy pieces, snow flakes and figurines on the cake*
Personal notes
* The pour N whip cream that I used in this recipe is a kind of non dairy cream, it is easier to whip up and has a lighter texture. It is usually sold frozen and you will have to defrost it the night or a few hours before you need to use it. This kind of cream has already been sweetened so you can choose not to add any icing sugar to it if you wish. In short, it is an economical option for cake decorations which has a lighter yet less creamy texture.
* Some people suggest to use a cooking thermometer to measure the temperature of the syrup; the candy should be ready when the temperature reaches 150*C
* It would also be a good idea to light some candles at the back of the cake behind the ice candies so that it glows from the back!

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