… The Boathouse – cafe by the sea …

What is better than having a cup of decent coffee and a pleasant meal by the sea, under the Aussie sun? I honestly cannot describe how much I love the Boathouse. I first visited the one at the Palm Beach with a few of my friends, and later found out about the newer one at Balmoral Beach which is much closer to the city.


Balmoral Beach is located in Mosman, a suburb on the lower north shore of Sydney. I visited this beach for the first time during my last month in Sydney and regretted not exploring areas other than the Taronga Zoo in Mosman earlier.

11007731_10153007725966321_3247344828907914284_n wpid-dsc_1587_mh1433743233722.jpg

Unlike the time when I visited the Palm Beach Boathouse on a Saturday morning, I came to this one at Balmoral on a weekday afternoon after I’d quitted my job and spent the month to wonder in Sydney (seriously it was like the best time in my life :P) As expected, the place wasn’t crowded at all and we managed to get a table at the deck; we could hear the waves washing ashore while having our meal.


I re-ordered what I had at the Palm Beach Boathouse – the duck pikelets; and it was as good as the one I had before. The skin of the duck breast was lightly grilled and the meat was tender and juicy; it was cooked just right. Take a small piece of duck breast, a bit of the relish, some shallots and a few grains of crisped rice, and put them on top of a pikelet = perfect combination 🙂
Mr ironman had grilled fish with grains, mushroom and gremolata. It was the first time we came across ‘gremolata’, it’s essentially parsley, lemon zest and garlic. The fish was cooked just right, soft inside and crispy outside. 


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The interior of the Balmoral Boathouse is very similar to that of the one at Palm Beach, I would describe it as ‘marine style’ {there will be some pictures of the Palm Beach Boathouse at the end!} What would come up in your mind when someone speaks of something that is ‘marine style’? Blue and white strips, thick fibre ropes, cork hoop, rudder anddd… anchor! I have no idea why I like the anchor shape so much; the picture above has been on the lock screen picture of my phone for the past year or so. This cappuccino with anchor shaped chocolate powder is like a signature of the restaurant; it’s nice and smooth, subtle and not too strong. 

wpid-dsc_1584_mh1433743286007.jpg DSC_1585_mh1433743181732

We took a stroll at the beach after lunch Balmoral Beach is a much quieter beach compared to popular beaches like Bondi or Manly; it was such a relaxing afternoon. 
…  The Boathouse at Balmoral Beach is in Mosman, around 8km from the Sydney CBD. There are several buses that can be taken from QVB (Town Hall train station) to Balmoral.
Information and timetable: {http://www.sydneybuses.info/routes/227_20101010_tt.pdf} …
… http://www.theboathousebb.com.au/
As promised, here are some pictures of the Palm Beach Boathouse 🙂

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The front
The back
Fish and chips – served in a bamboo steamer
Burger with chips
Fish pie –  very hot inside and very filling and satisfying 🙂

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