… Knockbox Coffee Compay – the place where I encountered mouth feel and aromatic cappuccinos …

I learned about Knockbox Coffee Company because one of my friends – a passionate coffee lover, is a regular visitor of the place (check out this facebook page of his brother and himself!). If you are merely looking for a place with a large and fancy food menu and with an ordinary coffee menu tucked on the last page, Knockbox is probably not the place you are looking for.


Unlike the majority of cafes in Hong Kong, Knockbox does not only serve espresso based coffees but uses many other brewing methods such as pourover, aeropress and ice-drip. On top of that, they brew their coffees with specialty coffees from different origins and with different methods of processing. Sounds very hardcore eh?

wpid-dsc_4143_mh1434693487847.jpg wpid-dsc_4134_mh1434692935775.jpg

At our first visit, we ordered two different cappuccinos to go with our brunch. How were the two cappuccinos different from each other when both of them were made of full cream milk and were of the same size? Mr. ironman came back to me saying that one of them was a ‘mouth feel’ cappuccino and the other one was an ‘aromatic’ cappuccino; and that had got me all excited 😛


After having a few sips of water to rinse out my mouth and taste buds and everything (like a pro LOL), I tried the two types of cappuccinos respectively. The aromatic cappuccino had a citrus note and the mouth feel one tasted rather nutty. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but I felt like the froth of the mouth feel cappuccino was slightly dryer than the aromatic one, like I could feel the texture of the froth a little bit better; personally I like the mouth feel cappuccino better!


We (surprisingly) had no more room for dessert on the day, so we went back on another day  for another mouth feel cap and for this: the Citrus Delight. The shop was as busy as usual; and this time we got this opportunity to sit at the bar. The baristers enthusiastically explained to their customers about their coffees and the atmosphere was great. Back to the dessert, the Citrus Delight was essentially coffee bean shaped waffles with lemon zest, vanilla ice-cream, as well as honey and Expresso coffee dip. The waffles were crispy outside and soft inside; I like soaking them with coffee then dipping a bit of honey to enjoy a balance between the bitterness and sweetness of the two. 


… Knockbox Coffee Company  is located on the ground floor Of 21 Hak Po Street in Mong Kok. It’s around 6 minutes walk from Mong Kok Station (exit E2) and 8 minutes walk from Mong Kok East station (exit B) …
… http://knockboxcoffee.hk/

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