… Iron Man cake – the biggest project ever …

I mentioned in my first post that I had only made fondant cake once. Mr iron man and I used to live more than 7000km apart (only for a short while) and some time before his birthday I had been thinking of a viable and affordable way to send him a home made Iron Man birthday cake. I did quite a lot of research on the design of the cake and to find a recipe that has a long shelf life but still manages to be (quite) tasty.
DSC_0438_mh1431535951167 DSC_0439_mh1431535989498 DSC_0441_mh1431536080341
The reason why I call this a big project not just because it was a fondant cake which wasn’t really my strength, but also because of the packaging and logistics involved. I got asked of the details of the shipment more than being asked about how did I make the cake(lol). So heres the website I used to ship the cake from Sydney to Hong Kong for your reference. I spent around $45AUD for an express shipment which took 2 working days for the cake to arrive; and I think that was pretty impressive!

I found this template from the internet and the idea was to cut a round butter cake into the shape of Iron man (the white part), then use a large layer of red fondant to cover the cake and lastly place the yellow pieces in the middle for the face.
I planned to have the cake consumed on the 3rd day after being made; but to play safe, I needed to have a cake that had a shelf life of more than one week under room temperature. To my surprise, people said pound cakes with cream cheese has a rather long shelf life (I’m still doubtful); from what I read online, cakes with higher sugar content and those that are wrapped with fondant can also be stored for longer. So I began with this big project 🙂
… Iron man fondant cake …
Makes a 20cm round cake which will be cut into the shape of Iron Man’s face
the fondant
… 2 cups of marshmallows
… 1 tbsp of water
… 3 cups of icing sugar plus a bit more for kneading
… some shortening or oil to grease the bowl
… red and yellow food colouring
golden food paint
1. Grease the bowl with oil or shortening
2. Put marshmallows into the bowl, pour water over the marshmallows then heat it up for 30 seconds
3. Use a spatula to stir the marshmallows, if they haven’t melted completely, microwave for another 30 seconds and stir again until melted
4. Add in one cup of icing sugar and stir gently until well incorporated; add in one cup of sugar at a time
5. Grab a bit of icing sugar with your hands then start kneading the fondant, add in extra icing sugar if the dough is too sticky; knead until the dough sticks together like a play dough
6. Save a small bit of white fondant,  then divide the rest of the dough into two; one should be bigger than the other (ratio is around 7:3)
7. Add a few drops of red colouring to the larger dough and knead until colour is well mixed; keep adding more drops and knead until a vibrant colour is formed
8. Do the same to the smaller dough with yellow colouring this time
9. Place the two dough in two zipper bags and place them in the fridge


lemon pound cake
… 160g butter
… 4 eggs
… 200g cake flour
… 150g sugar
… a pinch of salt
… zest of one lemon
… 1 tsp baking powder
… 1/2 tsp of vanilla essense
… red and yellow sprinkles (so that the inside of the cake will also be red and yellow)
10. Preheat oven to 160*C and grease cake pan with oil or butter
11. Using an electric mixer, mix eggs and sugar until creamy and fluffy
12. Add in vanilla essence and lemon zest
13. Sift in flour and salt and use a spatula to stir the batter until well incorporated
14. Mix red and yellow sprinkles into the batter and pour the batter into the cake pan.
15. Bake for around 1 hour, insert a long toothpick into the middle of cake and it is ready when the toothpick comes out clean

16. Remove the cake from the pan and let it cool down completely
17. Print out two copies of the template and cut out the shape of Iron Man’s face; cut the cake along the template

DSC_0428_mh1431535704505 DSC_0429_mh1431535751255

… 150g butter
… 80g icing sugar
… 1 tsp of vanilla essence
18. Using an electic mixer, whip butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence until pale in colour and fluffy in texture
19. Cut the pound cake half into two thinner layers, then use a butter knife to butter on the buttercream in between the two layers as well as the surface of the whole cake

DSC_0430_mh1431535798065 DSC_0432_mh1431535840967

20. Take out the fondants from the fridge, sprinkle some icing sugar on the bench top and roll out the red fondant (2mm thick)
21. Cover the cake with the red fondant and smooth out the surface of the cake with your hands, cut out the excess fondant from the sides
22. With the second template page, cut out the black parts that comprise the face of Iron Man. Roll out the yellow fondant and use a sharp knife to cut out the yellow pieces, then cut out the eyes with the white fondant
23. Assemble the face of Iron Man, use a bit of alcohol as a glue to help sticking on the pieces if needed
24. Use the leftover red fondant to make two flat circles as Iron Man’s ears
25. (Optional) Brush on golden paint on the yellow surface of the cake to create a metallic finish
ironman fb1
So this is how it looked after taking the plane to Hong Kong, the edges had become rounder
ironman fb3
With candles

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