… Clipper cafe – awesome baked eggs in Glebe …

Glebe is the next suburb from Ultimo and is one of the oldest suburbs in Sydney. The streets in Glebe are lined up with old style terraces, which are rows of semi-detached, similar looking yet unique small townhouses. I occasionally wanted to go a bit further at lunch times and I often ended up in Glebe. If you are coming from the Ultimo side, just walk pass the Broadway mall then you would have brought yourself to Glebe!


Clipper Cafe was the first cafe I visited in Glebe. I went for a movie at the Broadway mall with a bunch of friends when I was still in uni, and one of the them brought us there for brunch 🙂 If I ever forget the name of this place and have to describe it to someone, I will say ‘it’s the cafe in Glebe with a bicycle hanging up on the wall!’. As a popular cafe among uni students, Clipper is a cosy and relaxing cafe; the staffs at clippers are casual and friendly.


I forgot what was my first dish at Clipper but I will never forget about the baked eggs they have there; I liked it so much that I imitated the recipe at home. The baked eggs was cooked in a home made Napoli sauce with spinach and feta and a couple of pieces of herb toasts. Out of the choices of lamb sausages, roasted mushrooms and Spanish chorizo, I picked chorizo to go with my baked eggs. I like how the Napoli sauce is slightly sweet and has a rich flavour of tomato; the egg yolk was still soft indicating that they had taken it out of the oven at a right time.
wpid-dsc_0934.jpg wpid-dsc_0461-e14355898858732
While baked eggs is more of a winter comfort food, a dish I enjoy at Clipper during summer times is Salmon avocado eggs. If salmon and capers are such good friends to each other because they get along well, then lime would be a good helper to avocado as its tanginess helps balancing out the avocado’s buttery taste.
Last but not least, my cup of cappuccino! The coffee here is consistently good and comforting and it’s always served at the right temperature.


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…   Clipper cafe is located on 16 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. You can take a 5-10 minutes bus ride from the Sydney Central station or take a 20 minutes walk instead.
… https://www.facebook.com/ClipperCafe

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