… Mango Cheung Fun (rice noodle roll) - quick summer dessert …

Cheung Fun or rice noodle roll (腸粉) is a popular Cantonese dim sum/ snack. It’s a savory dish with (or without) fillings like BBQ pork, beef , prawns or other ingredients; the soft and smooth rice noodle sheet is made by steaming a thin rice flour batter on a cloth over a large flat steamer. In Hong Kong, creative dessert house owners came up with different innovative dishes like mango noodles and mango Cheung Fun.
Mango noodles {source: http://pic27.nipic.com/20130226/8779116_141131494109_2.jpg}
Though these desserts are called noodles and rice noodles rolls, they are actually ‘coconut jelly’ made of coconut milk and Konjac (蒟蒻) (also commonly known as konnyaku in Japanese). Konjac is a plant that has been grown in several Asian countries for centuries and is widely known as a healthy food that is high in fiber and low in calorie. 
Konjac plant source: http://www.oocities.org/phrag@rogers.com/konjac04.jpg
Konjac is often used as a vegan substitute of gelatin, with a firmer but less elastic texture. Other than that, it takes much shorter time to set; I poured the coconut jelly mixture onto the tray and it took the mixture less than 5 minutes to solidify in room temperature.
Mango Cheung Fun (I saw this recipe in several places but this is the one but this is the one I referred to)
Makes around 10 rolls
… 3 medium sized mangoes
… 40g Konjac jelly powder
… 200ml coconut milk
… 250ml water
… 40g sugar
1. Cut the mangoes into chunks and use a spoon to scrap off the pulp around the pit. Set aside.
2. Mix the Konjac powder with water until completely dissolved
3. Pour the mixture into a saucepan, add in coconut milk and sugar and simmer with medium heat. Keep stirring until sugar is dissolved
4. Turn off the heat and pour the mixture onto a clean and large food tray (or baking tray). Quickly spread out the mixture to create a thin and even layer
5. Using a butter knife, divide the sheet into 8 even rectangles (or 10 if your tray is large enough); gently wrap a piece of mango with each sheet. Place the Cheung Fun into the fridge to chill.
6. Blend the mango pulp (plus any leftover mango chunks) to make the mango puree
7. Drizzle some mango puree on top of the mango Cheung Fun just before serving

2 thoughts on “… Mango Cheung Fun (rice noodle roll) - quick summer dessert …

  1. Hi, I’ve made this quite a few times but can’t work out how to make the mango not slide out of the Cheung fan. I’m in New Zealand and our mango here are a bit firmer. It all goes well until you go to eat it and it all falls apart. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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