… Coffee Art – a hidden gem in Kwun Tong…

Back in Sydney, most of the shops including supermarkets would be closed during some public holidays. I never knew that there’s such a thing in Hong Kong as well until last Labour Day when we tried to search for some places for brunch near home.
Initially, we planned to visit Bondi in Kwun Tong, but surprisingly it wasn’t opened on the day. With a bit of disappointment, we moved on and tried to search for other cafes in the industrial area but the next two cafes on our list were also closed for the day!
With great frustration and hunger (lol) I quickly (and aggressively) did a search online and found this little cafe on the ground level of E plaza. This time I rang the cafe before started moving, anddddd they said they were OPEN 😀 

We circled around E Plaza a couple of times until we could find Coffee Art. The cafe was very tiny: the actual shop area only contains an open kitchen with a few seatings. We were lucky enough to get a table inside the shop, next to the coffee machine 🙂 Later on, we found out that they open up many more tables outside of the shop, so I guess getting a table wouldn’t be as hard as I imagined.


Honestly, we didn’t have much expectation from this place before we visited, but it had proven itself to be a cafe that deserves many more visits. My cup of cappuccino was silky smooth and rich in flavour, definitely compensated for the extensive searching and walking in the morning.

wpid-dsc_3985_mh1434896594288.jpg wpid-dsc_3988_mh1434896697595.jpg

To fill our very empty stomach, we shared a Big breakfast and a Black truffle cream risotto with parma ham. I like how the scrambled eggs in the big breakfast were so creamy and runny; and i think they were very generous on the serving on the smoked salmon. While I was glancing at the menu, it only took me half a second to decide to go for the risotto because truffle and parma ham are definitely my kind of food 🙂 The creamy risotto had a rich aroma of truffle and onion; it was cooked at a right texture that every grain retained a distinct bite.


A thing worth mentioning is that the price of the food and beverages here were very reasonable; the risotto and the big breakfast both costed under $70. A cappuccino there costs $30 but it will a half priced if you order your coffee with a dish. They served some of the dishes with disposable paper container, but I think that’s totally acceptable for a tiny and well-priced place like this!
… Coffee Art  is located on the ground floor (shop G46) of E Plaza on 7 Shing Yip Street in Kwun Tong. It’s around 3 minutes walk from Kwun Tong station (exit B2) …
… https://www.facebook.com/coffeeart.kt

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