… Beans – the donut shaped pancakes …


I’d heard of this place for a long time but never had a chance to visit. Beans is located between Tsuen Wan and Tsuen Wan West station, closer to the Tsuen Wan station side. If you are taking one of those ultraspeed minibuses to Tsuen Wan, the cafe is right around the corner from Tsuen Wan Market which is where a lot of those minibus stops are.

We went there on a Saturday afternoon and saw two shops side-by-side to each other; one called Beans and the other Beans – The Corner -. There was a queue outside of each of the shops and we guessed that they had the same owner but one serves bigger brunch meals and the other serves light meals and desserts. I looked it up later on and -The Corner- is actually an expansion of the other cafe so they have the same menu.  I looked into the cafe through the window while I was waiting, and my attention was quickly drawn to the donut shaped pancakes in the dish that someone was having.


The wait was around 10 minutes; we were seated at the second table from the window side. The cafe wasn’t very big (I assume that’s why they needed to expand) but it felt spacious with an abundance of natural light.

wpid-dsc_4891_mh1437308838942.jpg  wpid-dsc_4876_mh1437308624983.jpg

We ordered the Deluxe Full English Breakfast and the Parma Ham and Mushroom Pasta. The pasta was cooked al dente and it was fried with a right amount of oil without being too greasy. The highlight of the full breakfast was of course the two donut shaped pancakes; they weren’t just cute looking but was also soft and puffy. They didn’t feel doughy at all despite being thick and chunky. The other thing I liked about the idea of having these pancakes in the dish is that I felt so satisfied without having to order dessert :P. It was just like the delight of having the hot cakes in ‘Jumbo breakfast’ at McDonald’s in Hong Kong.


We added a Caesar salad as a side dish to make our meal more dietetic 😛 

wpid-dsc_4892_mh1437308781433.jpg wpid-dsc_4879_mh1437308672996.jpg

As usual, the pictures of the drinks come at last! The cappuccino was one of the fruity type but it could have been a bit more frothier. Mr ironman ordered an iced Mocha; it was rich in taste and slightly tangy but the cream at the top was able to balance that out.
… Beans is located on the ground floor of 99 Hoi Pa Street, Tsuen Wan. It’s around 6 minutes walk from Tsuen Wan station (exit A1) …
… https://www.facebook.com/bean234

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