… KUC Space – school memories brought back …

July and August are the months for summer holiday in Hong Kong. But if you are a worker (teachers excepted), there is essentially no public holiday from the 2nd of July through to mid-autumn festival, which is in late September or even early October. So summer is a good time to use up one or two of the annual leave days that we have been accumulating during the first half of the year 🙂


When you have a day off on a usual workday, you’d probably  like to spend the day at a place where you usually can’t be at when you are at work; for instance, the bank, a quiet mall, or a cafe that only opens at office hour! KUC Space is only open from 10am to 6pm on Monday to Friday. I brought a book that I’d been reading forever and I was determined to finish it that afternoon.


KUC Space sits inside the Kowloon Union Church in Jordan, a place where I’ve always passed by since I was young. The place was busier than I thought; during my waiting time I looked around and observed: there were people having a small church meeting, couples chilling and enjoying quality time together, as well as people reading a book alone. The interior of the place didn’t really remind me not of church but of school: the white metal ceiling fans were spinning cool air and the sunlight had streamed in through the white oldish style windows. 


A had a lemon cake with my cappuccino. Both of them were very ‘homey’ and I felt like I was being served with some homemade coffee and cakes at someone’s house. They have a few kinds of homemade pound cakes and some beverages at tea time (I would also like to try their lunch menu if I have a chance to go for lunch). At KUC Space you order at the counter and someone will bring it to your table, but don’t forget to clean up after yourself when you’ve finished! There’s no cashier at KUC Space and it’s all about honesty; you put the money into the money box and help yourself with the change.


So I finally finished my book here 🙂
… KUC Space is located on the side of Kowloon Union Church, 2 Jordan Road, Jordan. Get out of MTR exit B2 and you will see KUC across the road…
… https://www.facebook.com/kucspace

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