… The Cupping Room – my Monday had been made …

Back in Hong Kong, though I am still working in an area with lots of cafes, I seldom have chances to try out many of them. Not just that cafes are relatively more expensive in Hong Kong, but it’s also very hard to find a spot to eat during lunch hour. This is typical Hong Kong!


One busy morning without having proper coffee, I was determined to get out of the office and to visit a cafe! The Wan Chai branch of the Cupping Room was on the top of my list. 


** Please disregard this part if you haven’t watched Inside Out **
Scenario: Heading out for lunch by oneself.
Sadness says, “Oh.. I’m having lunch by myself… I am all alone… :(:(:(” (falls down on the ground)
And Joy says, “Hey we can instantly get a seat cause we’re by ourselves!” (grabs Sadness’ foot and walks inside the cafe)
The cafe was quite crowded but I managed to get a spot next to the coffee machine. I quickly made up my mind and ordered. The coffee came first and it was fantastic; it was smooth and sweet (not due to the sugar) and the portion of the espresso and milk was right for me too. 


I had an Avocado on Toast, more specifically “smashed avocado & poached egg with mayo, ricotta cheese, radish, almond, honeymalt toast”. This dish reminded me of the ones at 80 Bay Toby’s Estate: simple but delightful. The ingredients weren’t particularly scarce but each of them was fresh and together they make very good combination. The dish was seasoned with coarse sea salt and lemon juice and they together had added a highlight to every bite. 


Overall the meal was very satisfying and my Monday had been made! I would say this cafe is a typical ‘famous Hong Kong Island cafe’; it’s a bit on the pricey side but they are up to the standard. To be honest, I haven’t really visited a lot of cafes that serve good coffees as well as good dishes, it’s always either one or the other, but the Cupping Room is one of those that gives attention to both.
… The Cupping Room is located on G/F, 32 Swatow Street in Wan Chai, Its around 5 minutes walk from Wan Chai station (exit B2) …
… https://www.facebook.com/CuppingRoomHK

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