… Cafe 8 – beyond supporting a good cause …

Mr. ironman said we have visited quite a few cafes on the Kowloon (especially those in the east)so we should explore the Hong Kong island. When he showed me the pictures of Cafe 8, I knew it would be the kind of place where I would like to be. 

Cafe 8 is located at pier 8 in Central, right above the Maritime Museum; it also very close to the newly opened observatory wheel. To give you all a bit of the background of this cafe, it’s a collaboration between the Nesbitt Centre  and the Maritime Museum, aiming to provide a platform for adults with learning difficulties to work and to integrate into the society. 

We didn’t only find cause meaningful but also had great hopes on the environment and the quality of their dishes. We planned on taking the ferry to Discovery Bay on a day off, so Cafe 8 which is just a few piers away was the cafe for the day!

I thought the cappuccino would be very milky and weak but it turned out to be rather balanced with a nice smell. Mr ironman had an iced coffee, it was slightly weaker than the hot cappuccino but would be a good option for hot summer days.

They have sets with 2 courses or 3 courses with a drink. So they basically have lists of appetizers, mains, desserts as well as drinks and you can pick a main dish with an appetizer or a dessert, or both.We had a couple of 2 course sets, for the mains we had a bagel and a panini. The filling of both were quite similar and I can’t exactly remember which kind of ham and cheese there were inside each of them. 😛 The bagel was filled with tomatoes, ham, a harder textured cheese and a bit of mustard; and the panini was with tomatoes, ham, soft cheese and pesto. Other than bagel and panini, they also serve croissant, toasts and other sort of breads for people with different tastes. 🙂

For the first set, we had the Cafe 8 salad which is composed of cheese, Serrano ham and boiled egg. I really enjoyed the freshness of the salad, the abundance of good quality grated Parmesan cheese and the crispy Serrano.

At last, we shared a Banoffee pie; the pie wasn’t too sweet and it’s really for those who love ripe bananas. It would had been nicer if there was a stronger taste of caramel at the bottom. 

… Cafe 8 is at the roof of Pier 8 in Central, right above the Maritime Museum. It’s around 5 minutes walk from the Hong Kong MTR station, if you get there through the footbridge that is connected to IFC. Otherwise, it’s around 15 minutes walk from Central station
… http://www.cafe8.org/
There are occasionally live band performances at Cafe 8 so keep an eye on their facebook page updates if you are interested 🙂

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