… Arabica – it’s all about experience …

Discovery Bay is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong; I feel like it’s a real getaway every time I visit there. The last time I visited this corner of the Lantau Island was in April when we celebrated Mr. ironman’s birthday. We had brunch in Sheung Wan and I told him to imagine that we were in Circular Quay (that’s the place in Sydney when a lot of the ferries depart); and I told him that we were taking the ferry to”Manly” afterwards. To be honest, Central and Discovery Bay are quite different from Circular Quay and Manly. Pardon us, we miss Sydney quite a lot sometimes (or more frequent than that :P)

I came across Arabica when I was planning on the activities on the day, but we didn’t go there because I wanted to spend the day in the outdoor. This place stayed on my mind until the second time I came to Discovery Bay; we had a day off on a hot summer day, thinking that we could spend the whole afternoon on the beach but the weather turned out to be pretty unstable. The weather turned bad again at around 5 so we decided to rush to Arabica to have a look. 

Arabica is on the Northern side of Discovery Bay which is further away from the beach and the pier; it’s around 5 minutes away by bus or 25 minutes by walk from the beach. I wasn’t sure what to expect at this place before I came; it seemed like a coffee workshop where people can learn how to make coffees and it also seemed to sell quality coffee beans so they must be a coffee beans store too. One thing that I really wanted to know was whether the place is a ‘cafe’: can I order a cup of coffee there?


We made it there 20 minutes before they shut. The shop wasn’t very large, but to me it looked like a mini coffee museum. There were different kinds of coffee beans and gears exhibited at different corners of the shop. 

I was excited to see a drinks menu on the wall! They only serve their coffees in the shop meaning that they aren’t for take away. The staff told us that they have coffee classes on weekends so customers can experience how their drinks are normally made. The latte I ordered was smooth and rich with a strong aftertaste. From the latte art of the cup you should be able to tell that the barista is very skilled. 
We had a short chat with another barista and she told us that Arabica was started up by a talented barista from Japan. There are two more Arabica showrooms in Kyoto, but this one in Hong Kong was the first that was launched. She gave us a loyalty stamp card that had no expiry date and can be used at the Kyoto stores as well 🙂


… Arabica is at shop G08 of the DB North Plaza. You can walk along Discovery Bay Road from the pier or take a bus instead. 
… http://www.arabica.hk/

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