… Solera Spanish Cuisine Concepts – beloved Spanish restaurant …

I get very excited every time when I have a Spanish meal. I’ve been to a few Spanish restaurants after I came back to Hong Kong, and Solera in Discovery Bay is the one that I would really want to recommend to someone. Remember to book a table in advance if you are visiting on Fridays or weekends as the place can get quite crowded. 
I called to book a table a few weeks ahead before my first visit because it was a special occasion; I also requested for a table that was facing Disneyland so that we could watch the fireworks half way through dinner. The staff reminded me that the table would be very close to the band (yes they have a live band on Friday and Saturday nights) and it could be noisy. I said it was fine and turned out that the music was actually quite loud and the fireworks were pretty far away. 😛 So consider if you really wanted to watch the fireworks that much, otherwise a table further away from the band (and the bar too) would be quieter.

We had Argula with cherry tomatoes and aged manchego salad to begin with. They seasoned these fresh vegetables with just olive oil and salt which had proven that less is more. 

The Tortilla was served with a creamy brava sauce. We kept on guessing what ingredients there were in the sauce and how nice it was. It tasted like aioli with paprika and it’s very addictive!

This was the reason I revisited Solera: 72 h slow cooked pork belly with quince and potato cream. I occasionally (and randomly) recall the taste of the nice food I had when I am working in the office, and once the subtle fragrance of the orange zest and the pork would just pop up. The pieces of pork belly weren’t marinated but the flavour was entirely enhanced by the hint of coarse salt and the quince puree.

We didn’t order any Paella this time but decided to go for a Black ink seafood linguine with a touch of chilli. We both liked squid ink pastas that are spicy as they tend to be able to bring out the delicate taste of seafood. 


The dishes at Solera are at a fairly reasonable price. I’d also tried their Sangria and Paella before but I’d suggest ordering Paella only when you are with a group of people, or else you won’t have room for the delicious tapas. It costed us around HK$340 for 4 dishes, and we got a free ferry ride back to Central for spending more than $120 at a designated restaurant {details} so we’ve saved $40 per person there. It’s a great place for dinner after an outing day at Discovery Bay or if there’s a special occasion. 
… Solera is at Shop 101, 1/F, D’Deck in Discovery Bay. You will be able to see D’Deck once you have got off the ferry from Central. 
… https://www.facebook.com/SoleraSpanishRestaurant

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