… The Pudding Nouveau – queued up for the confit …

I need to give credit to mr ironman on this one because he suggested to go to The Pudding Nouveau in Tai Hang (he has been boasting about it :P). Tai Hang is a suburb located in between Tin Hau and Causeway Bay and it’s is like a treasure hunt as there are so many featured restaurants and cafe along the laneways in the area. 


We went there in the middle of summer and there was a queue outside of the tiny shop. There were less than 20 seats in the entire shop so the wait can be a bit long on the weekend. 

Almost couldn’t withstand the 30 something degrees heat, we thought of trying out other places in the area but in the end still persevered for the duck confit!  In French, confit means “conserved” and it’s a way to preserve meat by salting then cooking it with oil or its own fat under a low temperature. I like the idea of putting sweet waffles together with the salty and flavourful duck confit, it’s like how the Canadians enjoy bacon with maple syrup! The duck confit is cripsy on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside; the runny yoke of the sunny side up helps to moist up the crispy skin of the confit.


We also had a Jumbo French Styled Croissant with Egg Mayo Crayfish: lightly seasoned and chewy crayfish tucked inside a flaky and buttery croissant. It is sided with chips and truffle mayo making the whole dish satisfying and filling.


I didn’t realise this cafe is one of the branches of Lassana, a local company that specialises in house blend coffee and pastries. I came across Lassana as I walked pass Spade by Lassana (more on it in upcoming post) in Yau Tong all the time. To be honest I couldn’t really connect The Pudding Nouveau and Spade by Lassana together base on their menu and the interior; the only hint was the decent coffee with a Lassana logo on the coffee cup I had at both places. The cappuccino had a good fragrance and was smooth with an adequate amount of foam. 


Our iced coffee representative had tried out the iced coffee there and it was (as usual) much more milky and had a more subtle taste of coffee then the hot coffee. 


… The Pudding Nouveau is located on 17A King Street, Tai Hang. It’s around 8 minutes walk from Tin Hau MTR station
… https://www.facebook.com/the.pudding.nouveau

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