… Five Coffee Company – a random visit to Sai Kung …

Sai Kung is probably the only place in Hong Kong that is almost equally close to my home and mr. ironman’s home, and it’s normally considered somewhere far to everyone else. On this random hot and breezy Sunday afternoon, we paid a random visit to Sai Kung after church. I realised when when I visit this “backyard of Hong Kong” it’s always because of food; and this time we came for a late lunch. 


I was surprised to find out that Colour Brown is no longer in Sai Kung (they’ve moved to Jordan) and quickly decided to try out Five Coffee Company for the day as the hot dog and crab cake seemed to be the appropriate  light meals for a late lunch. The opened window reminded me of the cafes that were tucked one or two streets away from Bondi or Coogee beach. 


We were lucky enough to get the last table available inside as the day was pretty hot. I insisted to get a hot cappuccino despite the hot weather, and mr. ironman ordered a Sparkling Mint Lemonade to cool off (and I forgot to take a picture of the lemonade!).


They only had one size for their coffee and I was surprised to see that the cup was rather large. But the downside of this is that the coffee was rather runny and milky, which wasn’t really for intense coffee drinkers like me. The lemonade, on the other hand, was served with abundance of fresh mint leaves. I like the way that it wasn’t too tangy and would definitely recommend it for hot summer days.


The hot dog was topped with tomato sauce, mustard and diced pickles – it wasn’t particularly outstanding but to be fair it has got everything that is essential to being a hot dog.


Their crab cakes were freshly made as we could see the staff preparing them in the opened kitchen. The crab cake was filled with flavours; the taste of the onions and shallots as well as the fish sauce used for seasoning could be easily spotted. The good side of the crab cake was that it was packed with crab meat but we could taste the unfreshness of the crab meat despite the strong flavours that they used for seasoning. The sauce tasted a bit like strawberry jam and it was quite an interesting additional to the crab cake.


We also had a bacon with maple syrup, the crispy bacon slices were candied with syrup and the balance between the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the syrup was quite right.


… Five Coffee Company is located on 3 Hoi Pong Street, Sai Kung. Walk towards the seaside if you are getting off from the bus & minibus terminal then turn right and walk along Hoi Pong Street.
… https://www.facebook.com/fivecoffeecompany

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