… 4Mano Caffe – coffee and mochi waffles …

I visited this cafe in 2013 during a trip with my family. We didn’t plan to visit this one after researching on the internet or following the recommendations from travel books. Mum was watching a TV show the night we arrived to Taipei and they were introducing this cafe on Zhongxiao East Road, so we decided to visit this place for afternoon tea on the following day.

IMG_5829_upload IMG_5830_upload

The team at 4mano are winners of various local and worldwide barista contests. The place can get a bit crowded on Saturdays and Sundays plus they don’t take reservations at weekends so we had to queue up outside for a while.
I did a bit of a research on the name of this cafe: they named it “4Mano” to represent their core value (in Italian) that is consisted of:
Miscela {the coffee blend}
Macinazione {the correct grinding of a coffee blend}
Macchina  {the espresso machine}
Mano  {the skilled barista}
In which they think “Mano” is the key to the ultimate experience, that’s why 4Mano.


My cappuccino was terrific: round and smooth with the milk nicely incorporated with the coffee, it was pleasant to drink the cup from the first sip to the last. 


Another thing they are famous for is their mochi waffles. Their waffles are freshly made, crispy on the outside yet moist and soft on the inside. The chewy mochi inside the waffles had made it a lot more exciting. I had tried their waffles with mixed fruits and with honey and I personally like it with fruits better.

IMG_5860_upload IMG_5862_upload

… 4Mano is located on No. 3, Lane 134, Section 2, Zhongxiao E Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan. It’s around 7 minutes walk from Zhongxiao Xinsheng station
… https://www.facebook.com/4Mano-Caffé-383046225295/



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