… Apple & cinnamon Dutch baby pancake …

It has been a while! There has been a lot going on recently and I hadn’t got time to write any post in the past three months! I guess it’s about time to start doing this again 🙂
I didn’t know about Dutch baby until I tried my first at a Japanese styled western restaurant called Wired Cafe. They serve pastas and many fusion dishes and they have a small section in the menu with sweet and savory Dutch babies. I really loved the eggy taste and fluffy texture of the pancake, and how it was kept warm in a metal skillet.
Dutch baby, as its name suggests, is a dessert originated from Germany. It is a baked pancake that has a  much fluffier texture compared to the pancakes we normally have. Rising agents like baking soda or baking powder will normally not be added when making Dutch babies so the fluffiness is merely created by the puffing of the eggs in the batter. I made this Dutch baby in a small oven and it worked perfectly!
Apple and cinnamon Dutch baby pancakes
Makes 3  6-inch pancakes
Apple and cinnamon topping
… 2 medium apples (chopped or sliced)
… 4 tsp brown sugar
… 1 tsp ground cinnamon
… juice of half a lemon
… 1 tbsp butter
The pancake
… 80g flour
… 2 eggs
… 35g sugar
… 120ml milk
… 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
… pinch of salt
… butter
1) Preheat oven to 200*C
2) Melt butter in a saucepan and add apples, lemon juice, brown sugar and cinnamon. Cook with medium heat, stir the apples occasionally until they appear soft; turn off heat and set aside.
3) Beat eggs with an electric mixer or whisk with a strong hand until frothy; whisk in milk, sugar, salt and cinnamon until well combined
12325097_10153544558872737_1691621046_n 12735951_10153544558802737_2140528873_n
4) Melt a small piece of butter in a small oven safe skillet. When bubbles are formed, pour 1/3 of the batter to the skillet.
12746568_10153544558887737_561246131_n 12166066_10153544558782737_831835982_n
5) When the edge of the pancake starts to cook, transfer the skillet into the oven and bake for 10 minutes or until the edge has browned
12746022_10153544558677737_1528955185_n 12596055_10153544558647737_1386966562_n
6) Take out the pancake and place 1/3 of the cooked apple on top. Serve immediately.
12769445_10153762600346321_1346573596_n 12781964_10153762600481321_1160428892_n - Copy (2)
This is a dessert that you can make without an electric mixer and with only a small oven. You might need to have a bit of trial and error on the baking time if you are using a toaster oven that doesn’t allow you to set the temperature.
12767462_10153762600371321_84470954_n - Copy
 Enjoy 🙂

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