… {part 1} the YTM series – Coffee Jobs …

The church I go to is a newly planted church (around 2 and a half years) in Hong Kong. We used to gather in Tsim Sha Tsui but with the growing number of members, we began to consider hiring a bigger room or moving to another place. Soon we had prayerfully found a new gathering place in Yau Ma Tei  around a year ago which suits our needs in many ways (thanks to God); and so my morning coffee hunt in the YMT area began. We will come back to the cafe miss koala and I found in TST (that’s why this post is the part 1 of my YTM (Yau Tsim Mong) series), but today I will show you my most visited cafe in YMT instead (or they say it should be geographically in Mong Kok?).
I only knew of 18 grams in that area but once I saw this modern looking cafe opposite the road after visiting 18 grams and was so eager to try it out!
We went there for the first time to try out their coffee and wanted something to bite. They didn’t have much options for desserts so we thought a slice of homemade New York cheesecake would be better than having nothing at all. That slice of cheese turned out to be exceptional; the cake and the biscuit base were both aromatic but it wasn’t as dense and heavy as the cheesecake you get from the huge chain cafes.
I was too excited about the New York cheesecake that I forgot to talk about the coffee there. It’s rich and creamy with a great aftertaste; now I get up 15 minutes earlier every Sunday to walk there and get my Sunday morning dose of coffee 🙂
Mr. ironman had his glass of iced milk chocolate and we were surprised to find out there were some milk chocolate chips in the drink. The chocolate chips melted straight away in the mouth, so it’s like drinking and eating chocolate at the same time.
I visit this cafe for lunch from time to time now and I like their carbonara quite a lot. It’s kind of an Asian styled carbonara: small bacon dices in a onion accented cream sauce, topped with an onsen egg with a runny yolk. Being authentic or not, it’s indeed a delicious pasta dish after all.
Last  but not least, this is the fish and chips that I also like. I stopped mr. ironman from ordering a big breakfast because I needed to take pictures of the fish and chips for this post 😛 Always freshly made and lightly seasoned; I guess this might be the simple secret for good fish and chips.


… Coffee Jobs is located on G/F of shop 3, Paradise Square, 3 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok. It’s around 5 minutes walk from Yau Ma Tei station(exit A2) …
… https://www.facebook.com/Coffee-Jobs-1059015277450899/




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