… {part 3} the YTM series – Espresso Alchemy …

Espresso Alchemy15
Alchemy is known as the rudiment of modern chemistry; it involved the transmutation of certain matters into something rare and precious, in most cases – gold. Like the elements in the periodic table that we all spent so much time memorising in high school, there were alchemy symbols to represent different elements and compounds in the world of alchemy.  I talked so much about alchemy and the symbols because after seeing these symbols for a few times, mr. ironman went up and asked the barista if they’ve actually got any meaning.
The barista passionately explained to us that those symbols represent, from left to right: milk, essence (meaning coffee in this case), sugar and water, which are the important components of a cup of coffee 🙂

They uses a different set of symbols for their roaster: iron, fire, air and essence (coffee); and the barista told us that they will also be introducing teas soon.
Espresso Alchemy is the cafe I mentioned in my previous blog post. The Tsim Sha Tsui branch is a conveniently located but hard to be noticed cafe tucked in a mall called WK Square. When I tried to look it up on the map, it kept showing me that it was inside Chung King Mansion, which didn’t sound like a place where a cafe will be situation in! For your information, the entrance of WK Square is on the left of Chung King Mansion and it’s essentially at the basement of Chung King Mansion 😀
The mall is full of sports shops and you will soon see this café when you turn right after going down the escalator. The reason why I liked this place at first is not only that it’s not as crowded and busy as the well known ones like N1 on Mody Road. Even when it is getting busier when I visit every now and then, the staffs showed their hospitality by arranging seats for customers and letting them know around how long will the wait going to be; but they never force their customers to leave after they have finished.
I usually visit this place at tea time for a cup of cappuccino. The coffee they got there has a smooth and rich texture, and I never feel like adding any sugar to it.


Mr ironman order a cold brew coffee as this is his new summer favourite. This one has a tangy & smoky taste.
This time we came for lunch so that I could write about their savory dishes. We both felt like pasta so we ordered two creamy ones 😛 The spaghetti with mushrooms in black truffle sauce had a rather faint taste of truffle but a fragrant smell of pepper. The carbonara was filled with fragrant of the egg yolk.
The duck breast in the salad was rightly cooked: tender and juicy. The honey glaze on the outside had balanced out the saltiness of the meat.
We ordered a slice of creme brulee tart after finishing the dishes (yes for the sake of this post.. not because we are two fattiesss :P) The brulee tasted like Japanese egg pudding kind of brulee rather than the crunchy top kind of brulee (I hope someone gets this).
Espresso Alchemy14
To quickly summarise the three cafes in the YTM series: Coffee Jobs specialises in its outstanding coffee and dishes; Hayfever’s environment is incompatible and Espresso Alchemy’s coffee, location and service are definitely excellent!


… Espresso Alchemy is at shop 36 of WK Square – 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui …
… https://www.facebook.com/espressoalchemy/

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