… Breakfast with the Sakuma’s – when Devon Cafe is no longer 20 minutes away …

picture taken at Devon Cafe
Almost everyone who visits Devon Cafe in Surry Hills will take one of these bird-eye view photos of the dishes there. Though a bit on the pricey side, Devon offers its customers a menu that is composed of many creative and heavenly tasteful Asian fusion dishes. Surry Hills is no longer 20 minutes away from home, but I still leave a pile of drool in front of my computer when I see pictures on the facebook page of Devon from time to time. I would really want to try their kaya cronuts if I have a chance to visit again! And by the way, their coffees are very nice too!

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… Strawberry and Watermelon Cake – when Black Star Pastry is no longer 10 minutes away from work …

picture taken at Black Star Pastry
People go “huh?” when they hear of the idea of a watermelon cream cake. Honestly I couldn’t imagine how a rose scented cream cake with watermelon and strawberries would be like before I actually tasted one. And now even I have tried the cake a few times I still find it hard to describe to people how divine it actually tastes. Let me give it a go here: the cake is made of a few layers, at the top there are some fresh strawberries and grapes which are slightly tangy, with some chopped pistachios and rose petals. Then there are a few layers of rose scented cream; the cream is very rich with a light scent of rose (not the kind of heavy rose scent that tastes like soap). The brown layers that look like ‘cake’ are actually made of almond dacquoise (which is gluten free), it’s soft and full of nutty fragrance. Lastly, the watermelon slices in the middle make the cake feel very refreshing and is surprisingly matching with the rose scented cream.

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… Chai Latte – for those who have a taste for this spicy tea …

I remember ordering my first Chai latte when I was in high school, thinking that it was some kind of flavoured coffee like hazelnut latte. Chai latte is actually a tea beverage flavoured by various Indian spices and herbs, brewed with milk. In western culture, people immediately relate to the package of Indian spices and herbs like cinnamon, ginger and cloves when being asked of what ‘Chai’ is. I was once talking to one of my colleagues from Turkey about ‘Chai’, and he told me how he found it strange that people think Chai is a special kind of tea or flavour, as in Turkey (and in many Eurasian countries as well) Chai simply means ‘tea’. The name for Chai latte in Hindi is Masala Chai, meaning mixed-spice tea. 

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